2016 IOBC-NRS Award Winners

Distinguished Scientist Award - Jay Rosenheim

Early Career Scientist Award - Dave Crowder

Robert O’Neil Outstanding PhD Student Award - Vincent Hervet

Outstanding Masters Student Award - Ishan Samaranayake


2017 Meeting Calendar

IOBC Canada 2017


IOBC Canada 2017 - "Integrated Control in Protected Crops, Temperate Climate" will be held in Niagra Falls, Canada, June 4-8, 2017. For more info: http://iobccanada2017.ca/


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IOBC Symposia at ICE 2016

Four IOBC-sponsored symposia were held at the International Congress of Entomology (Orlando, Florida) in September 2016 (click links for lists of papers with abstracts):

Zoophytophagous Arthropods in Biological Control

Biological Control Under Climate Change

Status and Prospects for Biological Control in the 21st Century

Opportunities and Challenges for Biocontrol of Disease Vectors


IOBC Global

visit IOBC

The International Organization for Biological Control (IOBC) was established in 1956 to promote environmentally safe methods of pest and disease control in plant protection. The Global Council sponsors many international working groups and publishes a newsletter. For more information about the working groups and IOBC-Global, follow the link above to their website.


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